Freaky freek's know-how knowledge
Each animation has how-to text explaining the easy Way of FreeFly

Transition fast, clean and in-place!

Free Fly 

Learn here; teach others; have fun!
The vRW Stable is basic to any freekFlyin

vRW Stable
Basic to all free fly

Sit FLy   Chute Assis Rx
Shuttlecock_small.jpg (1662 bytes)   Basic Head-down Head down #2 Shadow_small.jpg (2554 bytes)
BakFly.jpg (8731 bytes)   Back Fly easy! Hang 10!  Hang10 -- the standing track  ----> Swoooop!

  Complete video animations!

 01/30/99 (c)  by Pat Works

Make this cool Altimeter Mount

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