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Back Flying Video BakFLya.avi (899284 bytes) Copmuter animation of back flying.   This .avi will run on most PCs as-is w/ Media Player.  Just click on the art to download and run the back fly.avi animation. Allow 2-4 minutes to download.  Or, for FAST download and playback use RealPlayer (recommended).  For free video player download software, see below. 

   or Click Here  to load   .avi file; then click image to run.                                         Buy the book & Video, just $55 for both        
Below are six more   AnimationsIt is way cool...  Not convinced?   Ok,
For short samples of these animations, click HERE.   Short animated .Gifs with how-to text.

Magic Stuff!  My best animation.  The key.... Rad! Morph of the secret of head down (plays with RealPlayer) Do yourself a flavor... Check This Out!!
The key... models the concept and importance of center of aerodynamic drag for free fly. I like this one, a lot!

5download.gif (2960 bytes)RealPlayer, free, plays live and on-demand RealVideo.

  ... try it!  

This works fine .. it is Free.  8/26

Pat morphs in space Morph showing how freefly art and animation are checked for correctness.  
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Please:  Right-Click, the small icons, Expect a pop-up window. Select (click-on)
"View Image
Expect much joy & the video to Play
(if you've downloaded RealPlayer)


/images/BakTrack.rm  long back track

   Back tracking all around the world.  

xThese work IF you R-Click "View Image"


Back Flying (long version) 

Long Back FLy real video     RealVideo

Androids dream of death   RealVideo

Blue Skies!  (Android dreams of death)  
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Freeflyer morphs into air dolphin for Omar.

Omar morphs into an air dolphin   RealVideo

xThese work IF you R-Click "View Image"

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