35 mm Double exposures

35mm SLR, 55m 1.2 lens, manual exposure ... all in-camera

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Double Exposures Double Exposures
IMG001.jpg (18465 bytes) The film goes through the camera twice. Each exposure is taken at about half of the normal setting so that the two pictures together provide one good exposure.
Double Exposures Double Exposures
IMG005.jpg (18084 bytes) To start out, try taking three-dimensional photographs first, then for the second "double" exposure, choose a more two-dimensional object. Here a wood sculpture is over laid with a framed painting.
Double Exposures Double Exposures
IMG020.jpg (23070 bytes) Using daylight film indoors provides a rich lighting effect.
Double Exposures
Montcat.jpg (16296 bytes)   The background here is a paper crate.
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