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Table of Contents

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Preface and Introduction

Table of Contents

Flight for the Joy of Flying


Group Swoop Definitions

Terms defined:

Relative Work Sit-flying

Freeflying (vRW) Skydance


Chapter 1

Out of the Box

A Freefly Frame of Mind

Swoop Modes
Measuring Relative Fall-Rates
Ordinal Scales

Fall-Rates and Swoop Modes (chart)

The Physics of Freefly

Freeflight and You


Chapter 2

Ready, Set, SIT!

The Vertical FUNdamentals
of Freefly

A Basic Stable Position for Vertical RW

The Cannonball Example

Using the vRW Stable

Art and Speed

Feeling the Air

Calm Your Mind

Meditation and Movement

Planting Seeds That Flower Into Skydives


Chapter 3

Chute Assis

Basic Sit-Flying

Phases of a vRW Jump

The Beginning: Ready! Set! SIT!!

The Middle Part: Sitting in Freefall

The Kitchen Chair Analogy

The Anguish of Backsliding, the Heartbreak of the Fly-by Zoomies

The Potential for Spins

Just Before Pull Time

The Fall-Rate Issue in Chute Assis

Going Up? The Slow Sit-fall for Sit Floating

Other Sit-Fly Tricks

Intentional Movement

Solo Artistry and Skydance

CG Godfrog and Oz, the Air Dolphin


Chapter 4


Standing Downright in the Air

Principal Styles of Head-down vRW

Acquiring Body Awareness (Proprioception)

Other Head-down Postures

Critical Factors for Head-down Success

vRW Stand-ups (Upright Freefly)

Standing Fast and Standing Slow

Solo Jumps—Playing With Yourself

Moving To and From the Vertical

Vertical Turns

Moving Up and Down in the Vertical Plane


Chapter 5

Advanced Techniques

Back-flying, Tracking, Carving and Transitions

What Is Back-flying?

Why and How to Back-fly

The Mundo Back "Up" or Mo’Back


Tracking Pairs




Chapter 6

The Breath of Freefly

Merging Sky, Earth,
and You

Said Another Way (the Way of Meat-and-Potatoes)

The Three "B"s—Body, Breath, Balance

How To Breathe and Make It Count

Other Techniques

Autogenics Directions


Chapter 7

Let the Music Begin

vRW Choreography

Toward True Skydance

Choreography and the Camera-Flyer

Face-to-Face Freefly Score by John Schuman

A "Classic" World Skydance in Eight Scenes by John Schuman

The 3 x 3 A, B, D Medley by Pat Works

Mind Food for Freefly Choreographers

The Joy in Joy

Time and Space Exercise

Routines for Freeflying Pairs


Chapter 8

Reality Bites

vRW Safety and Survival

Potential Dangers in Vertical Fun

Holding the Sweet Spot

Exit Orders, Technique, and Grips

Safe-set Your Brain

Develop Altitude Awareness

Equipment: Rigging for the Vertical

Large Group Freefly Dangers

Belly-flyer Conversion Challenges

Blue Skies!



The Communication Imperative




Credits & Thanks


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