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Always-See Altimeter Mount

People REALLY like this altimeter mount. I got so many queries, I am posting the plans.  It works way cool because it makes sense. Hands are a lousy altimeter mount because you need em for flying and hand jive. Why have to look at the back of your hand to check altitude? Chest-mount foam pads don't work well with small altimeters and just generally suck. There is a better way. No matter what kind of skydiving you do, you can always see your Alti. with this handy Altimeter Mount. Made of black poly-plastic, it clips under the mud-flap cover just above your chest strap (right below your 3-Rings).   It can be easily seen even when you are in a track, headdown, sitting, belly flying, or whatever.  No, I don't sell em. Should, tho. EVERYBODY who sees it loves it. Mount only takes .5 hr to make (saw, propane torch, and Drill are the basic tools.)

The attached drawing was saved full-size.   ~70K   
(C) 1999 by pat works OK for personal use :-)

PRINT ME:  Full Size*, drawing of my nifty altimeter mount

Make it yourself.   Always See Altimeter Mount by Crazy Pat

INSTRUCTIONS: How to make your own Always-See Altimeter Mount

  1. Print out the attached drawing (I saved it  full-size so it is 70K -- *since the WWW does weird things to drawing scale, use your altimeter as a check... make the base of the template as big as the base of your altimeter, OK?)
  2. Reproduce it in cardboard, cut it out,
  3. Put your rig on.  Think about life and meditate on the altimeter.
  4. Stuff straight side of cardboard into/under mud flap on rig until the
    bend of the "L" snugs up on the bottom of the mud flap. [see the illustration]
  5. Put it under the mud-flap cover just above your chest strap (right below your 3-Rings)
  6. At the TOP of the Mud flap Mark the top of the cardboard with a line
    fold it over about .5 inch (This keeps the thingie on, but removable)
  7. Bend the bottom of the "L" up. Things should become clear now, I hope.
  8. With The rig on. bend it up so it is easy to see ... in other words so that The "L" is sorta angled toward your chin.
  9. Mark your Altimeter holes on the bottom part.
  10. Use the cardboard template you've just made as a model.
  11. Reproduce the thing in plastic. 
  12. Buy some 3/16" - 1/4" black Poly plastic sheet... you need a piece about 4" x 11" Any plastic shop will have it.  They will probably give you a scrap big enough to use.
  13. Trace around the template you've made from my drawing.
  14. Cut it out on a band saw: measure twice;  cut once. [ note, the .75" hole in the drawing makes the tight corner easy]
  15. Lightly bevel the edges.
  16. Using your altimeter as a drill-jig. Mark and drill the holes for the altimeter.
  17. With a propane torch, bend the plastic to the angles you determined were 'right' with your rig on.  Bend the top over in a hook as per the drawing.  Wear gloves, mark where you want the bend.  Heat, bend, hold in place until it sets.
  18. Mount the altimeter (Purchase 4 longer screws at the hardware store-- take the altimeter and mount with you for size.)
  19. Satisfy yourself, amaze your friends, make many joyful jumps; live long and prosper.

Pat Works USPA 189, freeflyer-freak
NOTE: The design is (C) 1999 by Pat Works, but you can make it for your self... you'll like it. Hey, but, if you wanna sell em, then we oughta talk and do what is right for you, me and all.

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02/04/99  by Pat Works