Madden Travis "Pat" Works

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  1. Skydiving words: The works of Pat Works, , 1996, by Eric Johnson
  2. vRW Words: Electronic Magazine, RWunderground: the Pat Works’ E-Zine, by Barry Brummit;
  3. The Art of Freefall, 7th printing, 2nd Ed., Aerographics, 180 pp. 1988
  4. The Art of Freefly: the Way of vRW, 200 pp. 1998
  5. Works Pat and Works Jan, Parachuting: United We Fall, L.C.- 7784030, RWu Publications, Fullerton, CA. 1978. 366 pp. 
               Complete book On-Line courtesy Kent Walker
  6. Works, Pat. Paracaidismo, El Arte de Volar, Editado y traducido por Miguel Angel Garcia Cristobal, Madrid, Deposito legal num. M-9595-1982.
  7. Works, Pat. Parachutisme: L'Art Du Vol Relatif, Le responsable de la traduction Christophe Lachoivez, Scripto Press, Paris 5e, Depot legal 3e trimestre 1982.
  8. Works, Pat. Fallschirmsport: Die Kunst des Formationsfliegens, Deutsche Ubersetzung: Uwe Beckmann, Sportspringer, 6083 Walldorf/Hessen, 1983.
  9. Works, Pat. Basic Relative Work Techniques. In Ryan, Charles W., Sport Parachuting. Chicago: Henry Regnery Co., 1975, 121- 137.

Madden Travis "Pat" Works is one of skydiving’s grand old men. Not only
has he been jumping since 1961, he’s been lurking in the general area of
the cutting edge pretty much the whole time. Whether it was winning RW
competitions, writing books, conducting RW seminars all over the world,
or serving as a director on the parachute association’s board, Works has
influenced many areas of sport parachuting.

Perhaps his greatest contribution is his exploration of teaching as an
art form. Works studied teaching methodology in dance, martial arts, and
other athletically demanding art forms, then applied it to skydiving
instruction and coaching. The result is a kind of Zen with an edge,
something well-suited for learning in the danger zone.

Works has written two previous books: The Art of Freefall Relative Work
(1976), and United We Fall (1978). He has more than 4,500 jumps, and
1,000 in the last three years. In "real life," Works is the manager of
Technology Transfer & Communications at Aerojet, which builds satellites
and other high-tech machinery. Works has a masters degree in Computer
Information Systems and pre-PhD work in Information Systems
Management. He lives in Fullerton, California, with his wife, Jan.

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