Getting Started Sit Flying

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by Pat Works


  1. The Exit

"Upside down" exits are fun and easy to do.  Exit with the prop wash (relative wind) to your back. Prepare to giggle.  A good exit count is:  "READY!,  SET!, SIT!"

  1. The middle part:

The chute assis body position is familiar: your position is like sitting in a chair.   The relative wind is hitting you on the bottom of your feet, your butt, and the bottom of your rig.  Your hands push down as if they were lifting your butt off of something (which they are).  Common mistake is to have the feet too high.  The soles of your feet should be below your butt.

To go down fast, just put the feet together and stand up.  This is exactly like getting out of a chair.  The arms are in the Jesus position.  Keep the feet flat -- put 'em together and just stand up.

  1. Just Before Pull-Time

Time flies when you are having fun!  It is easy to get too close to the ground (go low) whilst flying chute assis.  It’s hard to get ground rush when you are looking up at the sky.   Give yourself some extra altitude.  Remember that altimeters mounted on your chest are not reliable!