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by Pat Works


The art of creating and arranging dances of ballet. \ Work created by this art.

Choreography cho·re·og·ra·phy, (noun), 1. Composing dances -- the planning of movements for dancing;  2. dance movements for piece -- the steps and movements planned for a dance, or a written record of them.   Synonyms : Composition ; Dance routine ; Step arrangement

“Magic” John H. Schuman, dance wizard and grand director of skydance choreography teamed up with Pat Works in 1994. Their Freefly Team, World Skydance competed in the first vRW meets: The First Exhibition Event of Sit Flying, Eloy, 1994, and the 1st American Championships of Free Fight, in 1995, this was the SSI Pro-Tour ESPN Extreme Games Test Event. John received the moniker “Magic” for his initial story boards for a vRW video in August, 1994.


Reference “Face to Face” Art work:

A beat is slightly less that a second. Count off in 8’s, like some kind of music. Keep the lens low and the high sky in the background and always maintain the sunline. Use the interplay of the alternating freeflier’s faces in video close-ups to define the beat starting with the exit, a back-to-back 2-way launch visualized as a squid.

On exit, the flyer facing away from the lens reaches around and takes a low harnesses grip holding the freeflying pair firmly together on exit. The flyer facing away will then appear in the lens after sticking the squid out the door. When waiving the squid’s tentacles (legs of fliers) use a graceful, unhurried approach. This calms the viewer. Allow this movement to develop.

The videographer’s transition to an upright (head-up) mode signals the transition to the blackhole dance segment. Here the free fliers confuse the viewer momentarily. 

The mix of traditional 2-way vRW in a rhythm defined the middle part of the piece and helps to cement the face to face exchange of the flyers. The beat of the dive must happen here to support the drama of the last two movements. Make this middle part look fluid.

By the time the viewers get to Figure 8, they begin to feel security and a sense of joy. When the flyers face off in the shimmy (wet dog), they celebrate the freefall for a moment then work on flying a figure eight while they continue to shake their bootee, baby. Line the lens up to enforce the hop shake part, while maintaining a face in the background. In the final movement, the Blender hypes sex, danger, and drama. Eerily it reflects back to the squid exit. [END]      <JHS>