7-27-69: First WSCR, Elsinore CA

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submitted by Sandy Harper-Callihan

On July 27, 1969, 8 women skydivers took to the air over Elsinore and made the very first all-women's 8 way star. They were awarded WSCR's 1 through 8. Below the picture of the jump is a picture of all the participants, with names.

Photos by Ray Cottingham.

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First WSCR 7-27-69 jump

First WSCR Jump.

First WSCR 7-27-69

Standing L - R Ann Gardiner Curtis #4, Sheila Bodley Scott #3, Jean Schultz #1, Luena Garrison #6, Laura Mackenzie #2 . Kneeling L - R Purple Patty Crocitto Wilson Wickliffe (Purusha Crocitto) #8, Linda Padgett Heath #7, and Diane Bird Kelly #5.