2006: Letter to Skydive Radio – “What is THE Skydiving Imperative?”

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by Pat Works

2006: Letter to Skydive Radio - "What is THE Skydiving Imperative?"

Winter, 2006

Dear Skydive Radio,

Here are some thank you goodies for that you are doing. Hark! You two cats and Cory carry a communication torch. Like the Olympics. Keep it lit. Carry it high! Isn't no such thing as too much communication on having fun skydiving!  Keep the fun, always.

Hey, what you are doing is GREAT. Don't fuck up. Keep it up.  Communication and tradition are oxygen to skydiving.  Most all got neither.  Gunslingers we are.  "Skydivers eat their dead."   Fact.  Got the T-shirt.

Mind-shift: Roll the dice, "What is THE skydiving imperative?"

Dolt, you sez, "survival."    Wrong-0!  BEEEEEEEEP!

The skydiving imperative is communication. If you insist on pioneering skydive trails which are mapped, you're exposing yourself to dangers and pitfalls already mapped by others before you. (Music with heavy drums).   Besides, what you don’t know could kill me.

History: being able to look at yesterday is always gone today. To tell what was said is a jewel of infinite wisdom. Seek that.

Following what is known opens the door and maps a path to what can be. Extending the path is then possible.

All seek perfection in flight. So.

The goal is constant.  The maps thereto are several.   Too few can describe a map. Fewer can map a path to the goal. Fewer reach it. Reaching it, none can share the Rx.   Still, cookbooks exist and sell well.

Keep on keeping on.

Tell us who cooks, why, and how.

You do make the difference.

Love and fuzzy,

Crazy Pat, 2 cats