2002: Thank You to Old Farts

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by Pat Works

2002: Thank You to Old Farts

Thank you all very much.  We had a very good time and were touched by your thoughtfulness.  It is hefty with a nice commemorative inscription on marble. It is inscribed, "Lifetime Achievement Award. Thanks for advancing the sport of skydiving, Old Farts Reunion, 2002."

It has a place of honor on our wall. Jan and I are profoundly honored to have been recognized by pioneers who are respected themselves. Appreciation by all you 20-year + parachuting survivors is humbling. You blazed trails in the sky that all follow today. We are deeply privileged to have received the first Lifetime Achievement Award from wise old farts … And, we ain't even dead, yet!

Learning skydiving is less dangerous because we all pioneered sky trails that are common wisdom today.  Your exposing yourself mapped the dangers and pitfalls for those who followed. I urge you all to continue sharing what you’ve learned. Doing so is The Communication Imperative.

In skydiving, everyone is a 'one-man star.' To build something bigger you gotta do RW. Promote skydiving by continually helping it grow safely. Our communicating clearly what is already known about skydiving skills and survival techniques is essential. After all, what they don't know could kill you.

Frolic with abandon!
Learn to listen to the wind

And she will always tell a story
If you can hear her voice
If you can feel her touch
If you remember
To smell the flowers
And thank the clouds
As you romp the sky ways.

Crazy Pat 2-Cats and Janner