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by Pat Works

Jacques-André Istel

Jacques-André Istel, D-2, is a French-American recreational parachutist and investment banker widely responsible for popularizing parachuting in the United States. He is called "the father of American skydiving."Jacque-Istel

First parachuting in 1950, he popularized parachuting in America touring college campuses and leading the American team to the World Championship of Parachuting in 1956. In 1958, he captained the U.S. team that won the French Coupe du Monde. He co-founded Parachutes, Inc. (PI) with Lew Sanborn D-1, and opened the first parachuting school in America. He was awarded the Leo Stevens Award for parachuting in 1958, He made his last jump in 1972 and sold Parachutes, Inc. in the mid-1980s.

Sport: The Case for the Parachute, by J.Istel

Time Magazine - The Case for the Parachute Aug 5, 1957,

“You just let go of the plane and suddenly you've changed elements. You start to drop but you don't feel anything—only a marvelous sense of control. It's like being immersed in light water. Then you bring your right arm up and you make a turn, just as simple as that. It's an incredible sensation." Thus runs the evangelical message of Jacques André Istel, 28, a black-browed ex-Wall Streeter and dedicated prophet of parachuting in the U.S. His gospel:  "jumping, without emergency, out of an airplane can be a safe, exhilarating sport, not a devil-daring performance...”

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