Giants of the Vast Sky

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  1. Pat Works Pat Works

    GIANTS IN A VAST SKY — Brian Giboney’s Parachuting Profiles:

    Thanks Brian Giboney for painting nice pictures of me and my parachuting pals. Thank you for chronicling skydivers from their historical context. Your parachuting Profiles helps to make conservation of Parachuting History better grounded by communicating Who was Who and When that was.

    Yep, I and many may flinch from fame but growth comes with shared awareness of our history.
    Skydiving’s existential vistas — Being one of the “all of us”, I ‘IS’ now what I was then, whilst paradoxically being there became ‘me’.
    The treasures of skydiving reside in the trekking; Not the arriving. For sky trekkers, savory mind food and dazzling eye-candy garnish the route. Perhaps said journey reveals one’s soul, exhaling reality others behold and adopt. Like a river, sky experiences center “Now” expanding Palettes’ colors, adding hues I’d thought only raptors knew. Pat Works

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