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Submitted by Lee Guilfoyle

The following article by Lyle Cameron appeared in the October 1965 issue of SKY DIVER MAGAZINE, ENTITLED “The Barish Sailwing”.

Skydiver Magazine Cover w Barish Sailwing Oct 65One evening during the 1965 Nationals we were all ready to go back to the ranch for a quick swim and supper when Jacques Istel told us a Norseman load from Lakewood was going to jump into Orange in a few minutes. “So what?” we, who had watched canopies come down all day, retorted. “Well, Lee Guilfoyle is jumping our new parachute”, Jacques added. “Well,” said we with opening ears and eyes looking at each other for approval to stay. Knowing we had the only rigs better than the XBO and PC under development on the West Coast, we thought we’d stay and humor the PI staff with some snotty remarks about the new cuts they probably made on a shop worn Telsan Tern.
They wouldn't drop any information on what it was, so we waited through the start of supper as the Lakewood Norseman Labored northward. It was blowing about 18 MPH and the sun had gone down as the big blue bird groaned into view, raising a cheer from all who had waited instead of zipping off to supper. Several passes antagonized the hungry spectators before the jumpers finally jumped and dumped. A bunch of PC’s, a Crossbow (Martin Anton), a couple of lo-po’s, a cheapo (Charlie Murdter) and one which had malfunctioned (a Triple Mae West). Everybody laughed as we knew if he opened his reserve, he’d be into pine trees and we waited to see the corrective action to take place. All of the rigs were holding into the wind except the Crossbow (Martin Anton) which was kinda zipping back and forth in the cluster of canopies. People kinda watched the group for awhile and then we looked at the Triple Mae West. He also hadn't lost altitude or blown back with the rest of the canopies. We watched the other rigs all jockey for positions as they landed in the bowl. Impossible, but the Triple Mae West was still hovering. Where is “the Skyhook”? Finally the Triple Mae West, which was lower, began to appear flatter, banked around to the left and FLEW to the bowl.
All eyeballs began to focus on the rig. It resembled a three-sectioned wing with stabilizing gussets down from the sides of each section. It was a little over three times as long as it was wide. It was about thirty feet long and nine feet wide. There were only two risers. It has about one half the material of a Para Commander, YET it descends at one half the speed of the PC (8 feet per second). This increases to about 20 feet per second with full brakes… And the fantastic thing is the forward speed. This animal has a forward speed in excess of 20 MPH….
We were informed that Parachutes Incorporated had the patent rights. Ten prototypes were being test jumped by the Lakewood staff for a goal of 300 jumpers per wing before final approval. I figured I had an eyeball on most of the happenings in the parachute business, but old Jacques pulled a completely secret chute out of the bag. Irvin and Northrop are gonna hafta get moving.*
Is this the chute for the US Team? Am I going to get one? Yes!

Lee Guilfoyle

Lee Guilfoyle

Lyle Cameron

*Para-Plane, Volplane, Parasled, Thunderbow and Para-Wing are wing type parachutes which are the result of research with the Barish Sail-Wing and other pioneering canopies.