1950s-1960: “Coveralls”, Early Jumpsuits

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by Pat Works

1950s-1960s “Coveralls”, Early Jumpsuits

Painter Coveralls --     Here, the 1963 Texas A&M Parachute Team shows off their gear. White Sear’s painters’ coveralls emblazoned with patches were the dress standard of the early 1960s. Most people cut off the hammer-loop.  As a military school, our rigs were provided by Ft. Hood Army base. Team members received one rig worth perhaps $100. The mains were sleeve-deployed, ‘candy-stripe’ 28 foot flat, 1.1 oz. ripstop C-9 round canopies modified with the popular 7-TU gore-cutouts, in B4 containers with 24-foot flat twill reserves. Note that the aircraft-altimeter and stop watch are mounted atop the reserve. Tags on the reserve-flaps say, “Pilot-chute removed for sport use.” Texas Aggies competed at style and accuracy competitions in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. (*Upper-right jumper  Pat Works’ Mom added dual zippers to his coveralls.

1963 Texas A&M Parachute Team - RW History

1963 Texas A&M Parachute Team - RW History