1960 to 1973 — RW Timelines

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by Pat Works

1960 to 1973 -- RW Timelines

1960       Relative Work     “I discovered that the August, 1960, edition of Sky Diver Magazine had a feature article entitled Relative Work, by Loy Brydon & Bob Miller.”        Daryl & Poynter
1963         Freestyle  -  The Parachute Club of America included the first individual “free-form” event at its national championship meet.
1964       Relative Work    Fun Jumping AKA “Relative Work” (formation) skydiving continued to evolve over Arvin, California, Texas, Canada, Europe with the world’s first 4-man and 6-man stars.
1965      First Eight-Man Formation --     The world’s first 8-man star was photographed over Arvin, and later immortalized with the formation of the Star Crest Awards by Bill Newell in 1967, as a tribute to his friend and mentor, freefall photographer Bob Buquor.
1967       USPA ---     The Parachute Club of America renamed itself the United States Parachute Association.
1969       France ---    The first 16-man star over Elsinore
1967       FIRST FORMATIONS MEET --- the first Rumbleseat 10-Star Competition Meet
1970       4-WAY FORMATION SKYDIVING --- four-way RW first included in the Nationals
1972       SPEED STAR COMPETITION, USPA -10-man Relative Work was added to USPA’s National Championships for the first time. Based on competition results, 5 Highest-ranking teams are invited to compete at Tahlequah: Florida, Texas, Hinckley, Ill, and two teams from California. Later that summer the winning team, Jerry Bird’s All-Stars demonstrated relative work at the XI World Meet where a 26-man all-USA star and an 11-man international star wowed competitors.
In 72? Both Australia and New Zealand held 10-Way championships….. Flying Farkles won NZ
1973       FAI ADOPTS FORMATIONS ---    Formation skydiving was added by the World body, the Federation Aviation International (FAI) as a Parachuting World Cup Championship event and authorized for the first time, a to the World Cup of Relative Work. The first FAI sanctioned World Championships were held in Fort Bragg, NC. (List top winners.) jumps from Huey choppers.